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Background Information


Many of the group members support the T-Time Monthly social event at the Edinburgh LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing.  In 2007 some of us also took part in the ‘Managing Change’ programme at the centre, specially created for male to female transsexual women.  This course allowed us to focus on personal goal setting during transition.  


After the ‘Managing Change’ workshop we thought there was a need for an additional support group specially for trans women.   This would help with support and increase social contact outside the Centre.


In 2008,  I took the opportunity to start group at the relaunch of the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing.  I want to thank the centre for the support and all the other individuals who helped.


The group is aimed at transsexual women at any stage of transition.  The group maybe also helpful to women who are transgendered and live as women full-time or part-time.  Come and see us if you are considering transition or just questioning your gender identity. We are open to trans women aged 16 or over.




Edinburgh Trans Women welcomes contribution to funding.  This will go to support this website, the meeting costs and publicity for the group.  If you want to contribute to group funds please consider making a donation by Paypal.  Any information you enter through Paypal is completely confidential.  Follow the link below to do this.  



Group Facilitator


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